Our equipment is ideal for beer volumes from 6 x 9 gallon barrels to multiples of 12 x 9 gallon barrels with all insulated pipes, wiring and chillers.

We can provide everything you will need to serve the beer perfectly and have depots based near Bicester and East Anglia.

EquipmentPrice each
Stillage wooden 12 x 9gl barrels£40.00
Stillage aluminium 10 x 9gl barrels£35.00
Stillage aluminium 8 x 9gl barrels£30.00
Chillers for 12 x 9gl barrels£55.00
Chillers for 6 to 8 x 9gl barrels£40.00
Cooling saddles£4.00
Insulating jackets£4.00
Bar 2m x 0.5m x 1.35m£20.00
Floor/Stage 2.5m x 1.25m£15.00
Hand pump£10.00
Valved spiles£3.00
Temperature gauges£5.00
Spot lights & marquee lighting£5.00
  • Site visit to oversee assembly – £60 + fuel
  • 12 barrel equipment -1 stillage, 12 saddles, 12 jackets, 12 taps, 1 chiller inc. pipework – £220
  • Shelving available for ciders and perries
  • Stillage – Barrel (9 gallon) racking for storing, display and serving
  • Stillages are Self assembly
  • Hire period Tuesday collect and return the following Monday
  • All breakages and lost items will be charged for
  • A cleaning fee may be charged for item returned in a dirty condition
Assistance available with beer choice, ordering, setting up and organisation of your event.



07770 938300


Beer Festival Equipment, York Cottage,
9 Manor Road, Fringford,
OX27 8DH
also in East Anglia